Superb cuisine, seamless service and award-winning wines all meet in perfect harmony at The Noosa Waterfront Restaurant.

With the best Noosa chefs providing a fascinating array of Modern Italian cuisine, an experience at Noosa Waterfront Restaurant & Bar is essential for food enthusiasts visiting the Sunshine Coast. The recently restyled Restaurant & Bar is managed by Andrea Ravezzani, an highly experienced restaurateur, energetically creating innvovative menus that flow with the seasons and constantly surprise the palate.

Hailing from Italy, Andrea dishes are surreptitiously inspired by the abundance and variety of fresh local produce. Whether creating contemporary variations of the classics, or combining tantalising fresh ingredients, all of the dishes fly high with creativity and flavour.

Andrea regards himself as immensely lucky to have access to such extraordinary local produce and an incredibly talented team. I was born into a rich food culture and enjoy creating simple and delicious dishes that let the produce speak for itself.